Lowell Dashboard
Pillar 5: All schools have adequate, equitable, and safe facilities and resources.

The Lowell Public School System offers a cost effective education that maximizes taxpayer dollars and utilizes effective practices, academic research, and rigorous evaluation to provide students and staff the facilities, resources, materials and infrastructure required for excellent teaching and learning in a safe and healthy environment.

Key Performance Indicators:

Class Size
Class sizes throughout the district are equitable and promote student learning.
Per Pupil Neighbors
Comparing Lowell education spending to other Massachusetts districts.
Enrollment Trends
Lowell enrollment trends: 1993-2018
excess levy capacity
Massachusetts Excess Levy Capacity 2010-2019
Map of Lowell students
Where do our students live?
A visual representation of student addresses by grade and school.

Based on March 1, 2017 reporting.